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Gold Electroplating Finish

Gold - Gold is soft and wears easily, so it is often mixed with harder metals. Gold is un-reactive, which means it is resistant to corrosion and tarnishing, at high or low temperatures. Gold is also malleable and ductile. Gold is a very good conductor of electricity and, since it can be drawn into very thin wires, has many applications in electronics.

Gold plating on contacts for switches, relays and connectors accounts for most of the gold required each year by the electronics industry. Gold Plated Copper Wire is used in satellites as part of their electronic circuits and as a heat shield. Copper with gold or silver plating can be used in the ultra flexible and ultra miniature wire needed in instrumentation used in the medical industry. 

Our Base Metal with Gold Plating
Gold Plated Stainless Steel Wire Gold Plated Tungsten Wire
Gold Plated Molybdenum Wire Gold Plated Brass Wire
Gold Plated Silver Wire Gold Plated Beryllium Copper Wire
Gold Plated Copper and Alloy Wire Gold Plated Aluminum and Alloy Wire
Gold Plated Nickel and Alloy Wire Gold Plated Platnium Wire
Gold Plated Kovar® Wire Gold Plated Monel® Wire
Gold Plated Titanium Wire Gold Plated Resistance Wire
and many more!

Our Size Capabilities (can attempt larger/smaller)

Round Wire: 0.0010" - 0.312" / 50 AWG to 1/0 AWG / 0.0254 - 7.925mm

Flat Wire: Thickness: from 0.0015" to 0.250" / Width: not to exceed 0.750"

Square Wire: 0.010" x 0.010" - 0.025" x 0.025"

Our Plating Capabilities

Under Plate (Flash): 1-5000 micro inches (0.000001" - 0.0050")

Main Plate: 10 micro inches to 1000 micro inches (0.00001" - 0.001")

We can do Gold plating to MIL-G-45204, ASTM B448, AMS 2422, Type I,II & II Grade A.

Custom Thickness: Send in a Request for Quote

Request a quotation with us, and we will assist you in the best of our ability with our amazing sales team.

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Precious Electroplating Finishes We Offer

  • Gold

    We do Gold plating to MIL-G-45204, ASTM B448, AMS 2422, Type I,II & II Grade A.

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  • Cobalt-Gold

    We do Colbalt Gold plating to MIL-G-45204, ASTM B448, AMS 2422, Type I & II Grade C.

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  • Silver

    We do Silver Plating to QQ-S-365, ASTM B-700, Bright or Matte Finish.

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