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Anodic Aluminum Magnet Wire

Available Coatings:
Available Overcoatings:
  • Polyurethane 155°C
  • Polyurethane 180°C
  • Polyesterimide (Theic Modified
  • Formvar (Polyvinyl Butyral)
  • Nylon
  • Polyamide
  • Bonds
Anodized Aluminum Wire

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Continuous Anodized Fine Aluminum Wire is available from 8 to 30 AWG on spools.

Anodizing Finish (Aluminum Oxide Coating). 
100% Inorganic

Aluminum Strip and Ribbon
Thickness: Gauges from .001 to .250 inch.

Aluminum Anodizing Information and Process

Anodized Aluminum Coat and Insulation Information

Anodized Aluminum Wire Properties

Anodized Aluminum Wire Mechanical Properties

How to Anodize Aluminum Wire

Certificate of Compliance

Anodized Aluminum Wire Quotation


  • Teflon (Dupont®)
  • Scotchcost (3M™)
  • Kynar
  • PVC
  • Nylon

Aluminum Flat Wire CETAVER Glass Fiber

Enameling Finish

  • Organic
  • Polyurethane/Nylon (150°C)
  • Butyral (130°C)
  • Polyester (130°C)
  • Soderable Polyester (155°C)
  • Polyesterimide (ISOMID) (180°C)
  • Polyamide (ML) (220°C)
  • Other coatings available upon request.

Why Aluminum Oxide Insulted Wire?

  • The anodic insulation is inorganic, absolute chemically inert and will not be affected by age or storage.
  • The anodic layer will not be affected by radiation, gamma or proton and ultra-violet rays.
  • The anodic film thickness is thin and flexible, highly dielectric and has a extreme melting point of 3722° F.
  • It is resistant to thermal shock, fatigue, aging,cryogenic, vibration, corona, fungus, toxic and other forms of physical deterioration.
  • The anodic film will dissipate heat and will intergrate colors anbd may be used for primer for bonding and additional overcoats.
  • Military Specs MIL-A8625 Type II Class 1 and class 2, sealed and unsealed.
  • Adhesive coatings for commercial and medical applicaitons.
  • Conversion coating per MIL-C-5541 Type 1 and Type 3.